We used clay to make love heart candles for our Valentines- mostly our mammies!

We invited our Junior Infant buddies from Ms Cooney’s class to visit our room. We baked the, a special Valentines chocolatey treat and they gave us a little chocolate surprise too! Nothing beats chocolate on Valentines Day! (Or any day really!)

We made Valentines day cards…

and ate more chocolate!

Here are some photos from the very first day we met our buddies!

At first some of us were a little bit shy but not for long. We had great fun making things out of playdough.

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Visit from Kells Fire Brigade

Visit from Kells Fire Brigade

We had a surprise visit from Kells Fire Brigade today. We were so excited to see them in our school. We got to sit in the Fire Engine and we had great fun spraying the hose. Some boys and girls even tried to spray poor teacher!!! 👨‍🚒👨‍🚒🚒🚒